Consumed: COCOTTE

When Sharon said we were going for French food in Little India, I assumed we would be chowing down at the venerable French Stall on Serangoon Road. As it turned out, she and Edwin were bringing us somewhere far more quirky and awesome.

COCOTTE‘s unique selling proposition is “unpretentious, rustic French cuisine in a casual and comfortable setting”. It’s located on the ground floor of Wanderlust hotel on Dickson Road, smack dab in the heart of Little India and surrounded by zi char eateries. To put it mildly, the location was pretty… random.

COCOTTE has got pretty nice atmosphere – the lighting is low, but you can still see your food and your friends. It was also lovely that no one seemed to mind the sometimes-fussy toddler at our table.

The artsier-than-thou decor wasn’t what I’d personally describe as unpretentious, but it was comfortable all the same. Sophie in particular made herself rather comfy.

IKEA cutlery to bang away at, and to toss onto the floor at will. (The waiters were Very Lovely about picking them back up.)

Edwin wasn’t kidding when he said everything on the menu was great. We all had the Soup du Jour ($14) – who knew that cream of cauliflower could taste so yummy?

Sophie, enjoying her mom's soup immensely.

We also shared the Pig’s Trotter ($24) – crispy medallions of tender, boneless pig trotters, served with arugula & pistachio dressing – and the Moules a la Normande ($22) – air-flown live French bouchot mussels in a light apple cider cream sauce. The former was more of a salad:

And what a good salad it was. The pork was too tender to be believed.

The mussels, meanwhile, were so delectable, I just wish we could’ve had more. I thought I could resist overindulging on the cream sauce, but resistance was futile. Even when the mussels were gone, I just kept going for the sauce with bits of bread.

Times like these, I'm actually glad that James doesn't fancy shellfish. It means there's more for me, yay!

And speaking of the bread!

Sacre bleu! I almost forgot about this part.

Look, as much as low-carb diets are supposed to be the bee’s knees, I am a complete sucker for good bread. And the mini baguettes at Cocotte were some kind of amazing. I’m think they bake it themselves, but I quite forgot to ask. Also, James is pretty sure that the label on the butter was French for “I hope you know a good cardiologist.”

We also had main courses to share: the Boeuf Bourguignon ($35) and the Sole Meuniere ($34). For dessert, Edwin and Sharon ordered the Basque Cake ($14) and we had an interestingly lavender-scented Creme Brulee ($12) Alas, I was having too much fun to take any more photos. You’ll just have to take my word for it that everything was delicious, and that we got up from the table splendidly stuffed.

2 Dickson Road, +65 6298 1188

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  1. burbur - April 17, 2011

    my boss brought me there for lunch once, where although the food was good, I thought $50 for lunch was a tad too much. not unless the fish cakes and the mussels started doing a little dance before we eat them.

    how are you cross-posting to LJ? manually or using a programme / plug-in?

    • Ms Brightside - April 17, 2011

      Yeah, prices definitely are on the steep side. I reckon it’s ok for the occasional indulgence though.

      Still x-posting manually because the blogs don’t allow you to install plugins! I’m considering buying my own domain so I can have all the damn plugins I want, including the LJ cross-posting one.

  2. Kris - April 27, 2011

    Hey is this the place with “communal dining”? and is impossible to get a good reservation unless you book really early?
    I remember a restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try (for ages and it’s been so long that I’ve since forgotten the name) at Wanderlust hotel.

    (oh and btw I tried out db bistro but there was no duck 🙁 boo)

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