Musings: My Day Off

I took the day off on Monday to decompress and basically do nothing. It started with a massage at Spa Esprit at Dempsey Village; I’d procured it at a great price through a Groupon deal, and it was every bit as good as I’d expected.

After getting my rubdown, I ambled over to Jones the Grocer for a skinny latte, plus a spot of online shopping with Michelle over Gchat. Technology and Mich are both very cool that way.

It's nice to be out and about when not many other people are.

Next I met the makan girls at Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant for lunch. Between the four of us – Candice, Char, Pei Fen and me – ate goose, crayfish, oyster omelette, and a few other Teochew dishes I can’t quite remember now. It was a big meal, and it was really good. And as before, I was the first to cry uncle and put my chopsticks down. I blame the skinny jeans.

Another highlight was getting to see the kids, Kristy and Thaddeus (with apologies to baby Ian who couldn’t be there and whom I haven’t met since he was born, oops).

Thaddeus on the left, Kristy on the right. Was it that long ago that we had a seafood dinner with Kristy still in-utero?!

After lunch I braved the teenybopper crowd at Bugis Village, where I suspect I was ripped off for a bottle of nail polish remover. C’est la vie.

Then to Bras Basah Complex, where I remembered seeing an interesting shop with ‘cat’ in its name. I thought it might have been Schroedinger’s Cat, but it turned out to be the more philosophical Cat Socrates.

Looks cute, non?

The shop sells all manner of whimsical bits and bobs that run the gamut from notebooks and stickers to fabric and vintage toys. It made me feel nostalgic – not that I’d particularly seen any of the items before, but it sparked a hint of remembrance deep down, from a time when those playful knick-knacks would have excited me to no end. I left empty-handed and a little heavy-hearted in the knowledge that I may have lost that sense of wonder, possibly for good.

To cheer myself up, I swung by Food for Thought at 8 Queen Street, always a favourite of mine.
After a piece of basil pesto cheese toast, a glass of iced tea and a chat with the lovely chef David, I called it a day.

And what a good day it was.

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  1. Stella - August 15, 2011

    Did you find out that David goes to ARPC? 🙂

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