Consumed: Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

I love eating beef. Trouble is, I don’t seem to enjoy steaks as much as I used to – I feel too full afterwards, and for an uncomfortably long time. These days when we feel like splashing out on a nice meal with good meat, we head to Kiraku for shabu-shabu instead.

I’ve been a fan of this restaurant since a couple of years back when Tricia organised Eugene’s birthday dinner there. Whenever James and I go, we order the same thing: oyster chawanmushi for each of us, and a shabu-shabu pot to share. The oyster chawanmushi is unique because you get chopped oysters with the steamed egg, and a tasty layer of broth to top off the whole thing. James doesn’t even usually like mollusks in general – but he enjoys this dish as much as I do.

But the shabu-shabu is the real highlight. Kiraku has two options each for beef and pork, and we like to splurge on the nicer stuff – wagyu beef and kurobuta pork.

Pig in the foreground, with cow behind.

1. Swirl the meat in the hot-pot till cooked. 2. Dip the meat in sesame sauce for flavour and to cool. 3. Eat.

The chawanmushi and shabu-shabu for two add up to around $100, which includes green tea and fruits to finish. Sometimes we get some salmon sashimi to start, and it’s probably among the freshest and tastiest I’ve had in Singapore.

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant
55 Market Street, #B1-01, +65 6438 6428
(Closed for dinner on Saturdays and Sundays)

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