Shopped: H&M Singapore!

So maybe my tastes are very pedestrian, but I do love shopping at H&M.

I was highly excited when a Very Good Friend of mine said she could score me an invitation to the closed-door preview. She was as good as her word, so I brought my cousin Shirlene to the event last Friday. We had great fun sashaying past the queue that was camping overnight in anticipation for the official opening (the next day!)

That's Lene. I told her to guard me with her life as we ambled into the store, lest I got mugged for our invitation.

The store was EMPTY when we entered, save for servers brandishing champagne and canapes. We snagged a flute of champers each while cautiously perusing the goods. It just seemed too odd to start shopping when there was no one else there yet. So we took the opportunity to explore all the floors while they were still empty.

Seriously. Look behind me - empty.

We’d rocked up in the kids’ section on the top floor when we had the first inkling that the crowd was pouring in. So I grabbed a shopping bag and started loading it up with the kiddy clothes that my colleagues wanted. Tutus for little girls aged 4 and under were going for a steal at $7.90 each – and there was even an additional 20% off for the preview.

By 7.20 pm, the store, all three floors of it, were choc-a-bloc with people from the media. I recognised a few friends, as well as random acquaintances from my magazine days, my ultimate frisbee days, and even someone I knew from Melbourne who’d since become an editor at a women’s magazine. But it was just too friggin’ crowded to stop and say hi. I was starting to get bloody annoyed at the people standing amid the racks of clothes and schmoozing. Hello, some of us are trying to SHOP here!

Because it was the F/W 2011 collection, I only managed to snag two dresses for myself, along with a handful of basics for me and the husband. I did however score a basketful of kids’ clothes for random small people of my acquaintance. (I just need to make sure I get the loot to their parents before they grow any bigger. Ack.)

It was nearly 9 pm before we managed to pay and leave. I was weary of foot, and I was HUNGRY.
But oh, what fun it was.

Us, with our haul.

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  1. Candice - September 8, 2011

    looks like a VERY fruitful trip!

    • Ms Brightside - September 8, 2011

      I had two bags and Lene had one! We also were given one extra bag each as a goodie bag – not much inside, just one catalog and two plastic bracelets. But still it was a nice touch 😉

      The kids’ stuff is darn cute. Let’s meet soon so I can pass you the shirt I bought for Thaddeus!

  2. burbur - September 8, 2011

    i LOVEd H&M coz it was a place with nice affordable clothing that you can buy overseas and no one else in Singapore wore (or maybe a few) so you don’t have to worry about being caught wearing the same thing as someone else within sight. that’s a biggie coz i once walked into a colleague in the lift lobby and we were both wearing the SAME PINK TOP from MANGO (that was also the day i swore off mango) and we ran screaming in opposite directions and hid at our desks all day. which is why i’m not too happy when they brought H&M in. now that’s one less place to shop at when overseas. *sad face*

    said colleague was also ex-gf of the guy i had a crush on so i guess we also had same taste in men.

    • Ms Brightside - September 9, 2011

      I only shopped at H&M the entire time I was in HK last time!

      Once I was walking through the underpass from Isetan to Borders when a girl jumped in front of me and said HEYYY! I looked at her like she was mad, then realised we were wearing the same dress. So I laughed and said nice dress. In hindsight that was a really weird thing for her to do.

  3. Yi-Ling - September 10, 2011

    We so need to go shopping at Target in NYC and H&M in London (they have a delicious, Anthropologie-esque home line!)

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