New York City: Memorable Meals And Moments

We’ve had a few food and travel adventures lately. I could probably write a dozen posts just about the amazing gastronomical experiences in New York, but that could take a while. So instead, I present you some highlights.

Extremely fresh produce

A lot of my North American friends have a tendency to rave about farmers’ markets, heirloom tomatoes and other such mysterious concepts. I now get it. On our first day in NYC, we ate at ABC Kitchen, a trendy farm-to-table restaurant in Chelsea. That’s where I tasted my first heirloom tomato, and by God, I can never look at a tomato the same way ever again. We also had a salad of wild strawberries, rocket and ricotta which likewise ruined me for all future strawberries.

Those strawberries. So tiny. So perfect. (It's true; the small ones are indeed sweeter.)

We also tagged along with Ben and Mich to the Union Square Greenmarket. There, we learnt the joys of eating raw scallops straight from the fish stall, when they haven’t been treated with chemicals to look all white and pretty. At $1 a scallop, it was a pretty affordable sashimi snack.

Great variety in lots of food categories

Back here in Singapore, it’s possible to get nice cheeses andĀ cured meat if you know where to look. Specialty stores like Hubers and Culina tend to be a little off the beaten track in locations like Dempsey. In this respect, New York is a veritable paradise in comparison.

Mich and Ben (pictured above) introduced us to Eataly in Chelsea on our first day in the city. I went around exclaiming "OMG! Wall of cheese! Wall of ham!" like the jet-lagged tourist I was. I was a little embarrassed when a random passerby overheard me and burst out laughing.

Independent, non-chain cafes and restaurants

During our time in NYC, we hardly ate at any of the fast food and other chain restaurants. (Starbucks was an exception.) There were just so many interesting little places to get good food and drinks.

A riot of colours at La Maison du Macaron - where we had the croissants šŸ˜‰

Lunch at Sakagura in Midtown. This entire set meal cost only $11.50.

James has a coffee at The Doughnut Plant. Technically a chain store, I suppose, since it has more than one outlet. But those were great doughnuts/donuts.

Mich with her PB&J donut. Me, enjoying my creme brulee donut (prior to having had any coffee).

There were a few more experiences that each deserve their own posts – akan datang!

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