Doing Nothing In Phuket

We set out for Phuket with one objective in mind – to do nothing. All things considered, we pulled it off pretty well.

We did nothing at the beach – if reading and sea sports still count as nothingness.

I finished the entire Hunger Games trilogy on the first two days of this trip. I do love my Kindle.

James and I, kayaking for the first time in a decade or two. We lasted less than half an hour before getting bored and returning to shore.

Kyle and Alli taking a catamaran out for a spin. They looked pretty cool out on the water, but my camera lens doesn't go that far. You'll have to take my word for it.

And we did nothing in the apartment, which was almost indecently spacious for the two couples it contained.

The boys, hanging in the living room.

One of the two bedrooms. Count the pillows!

And the larger of the two bathrooms. We never did make use of that tub though.

In between spates of nothing-doing, we found quite a lot to entertain ourselves with.

There was a Swensen's next door to the resort - 59 baht ice cream cones ftw! (Not pictured: my husband dropping a scoop of ice cream, narrowly missing the head of a petite waitress.)

The housekeeping staff left an origami towel elephant in the middle of the dining table. James named him Dumbo. On the 2nd day of our trip, we found that Dumbo got tired of standing.

I have to claim credit for this one. Seriously though, Korean sheet masks are excellent after-sun therapy.

A holiday like this requires the right travel companions; namely, like-minded people who are entirely on board with doing nothing as well. Kyle and Alli fit the bill perfectly. (Said like-mindedness is evidenced by Alli’s trip update here.) I don’t know if the opportunity will come up for us to vacation together again, but I do hope it does – they’re excellent company!


Also, it really helps to have someone to take photos of me with James. It's hard to get a photo like this when it's just the two of us holidaying together!

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  1. Alli - December 29, 2011

    Yay! It is funny how similar they are. I’m glad that I can add a link now. 🙂

  2. Kelvin Quee - January 16, 2012

    Yummy, that looks like a Kindle Touch! 🙂 I got mine too and after hooking up with Calibre, I HAVE NEVER READ SO MANY BOOKS IN MY LIFE!

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