A Creature of Habit

I like having my little routines. I’m not very organised, but I find a certain comfort in the repetitive patterns of daily life.

It makes me feel good to be able to mentally tick items off a list that seldom changes. Everything I do before the house each morning is compartmentalised into 15-minute segments, and I play a game with myself where I shave a couple of minutes off each segment when I can.

I like that these habits help me stay disciplined. For instance, having cornflakes for breakfast every day means that I enjoy my weekend pratas and big breakfasts even more.

I guess that’s why I get so much amusement out of the cats’ self-created routines. Sam and Bob love to perch in the same few spots day in, day out. I usually wake up to find Bob sprawled out across the bigger of our two sofas. And as for Sam, she’s nearly always in one of the balconies.

"Damn paparazzi, leave me ALONE."

Now if only I could parlay this random quirk into the basis for better work habits.

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