Happy Char Kway Teow Day

It started in 2006, the first year we got to spend Feb 14 together after a year in a long-distance relationship. We’d celebrated Feb 12 as the day we first started dating, and it seemed excessive to hold two celebratory meals almost back-to-back. Besides, restaurants scam you into paying stupid amounts of dosh for bad food on Valentine’s Day.

So we went to Margaret Drive food centre and queued up together for a plate of Hai Kee char kway teow each. We spent the rest of the night slumped in front of the TV, catatonic from overeating. (In future years, we learnt it was more sensible to share a plate between the two of us.)

The tradition lapsed slightly during the years where Chinese New Year coincided with Valentine’s Day, though we did make an effort to hunt down Penang char kway teow during the annual CNY visit to James’ mom’s hometown. This year, we decided to revive it at Gurney Drive – the one in Suntec City, not the one in Georgetown, Penang. It’s not a romantic venue by any means, yet many other couples were dining there that night, along with groups of single girls all dressed up to party. It’s nice to think that other people celebrate Char Kway Teow Day too 😉

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