A Tale of Two Kittehs: Bob

Part 2 of this post, many months later. Oops.

Bob as a young man, in 2008.

Young master Bob in 2008.

Bob came into our lives on 29 August 2008. It’s easy for me to remember the date because that’s the day that James asked me to marry him, holding a small ginger kitten that had a diamond ring attached to his collar. Hindsight being 20/20, it’s a miracle that Bob didn’t bolt away with the ring, never to be seen again. (That handsome orange devil drew the short straw on the day they were handing out common sense.) I said yes, and then we lived happily ever after with two sweet, loving cats… yeah, RIGHT.

Sam hated Bob on sight. From day 1, she was Not Happy at having a younger sibling / irritating little housemate. Here are some notes from their first week together:

Bob the new kitten has been getting comfy in James’ room, and he’s been having the time of his life exploring the nooks and crannies, though the toilet training hasn’t gone entirely well :\ Sam the ‘old’ cat, on the other hand, is sulking her little heart out. She’s taken to hiding in corners and rejecting all advances to pet or sayang her, and she even gave James’ mom a big ol’ “I HATE YOU” of a miaow before turning her face and entire body towards the wall and away from all us hateful humans. We’ll probably introduce them to each other some time next week. Let’s hope the fur doesn’t fly too badly.

It’s now been over four years, and no amount of referee-ing has gotten them to settle down and co-exist peacefully. I love them both, but some days I really want to whack them both over the head for being so (1) petty and (2) territorial. Their relationship is acrimonious because their personalities are so different. Sam is fiercely selfish about sharing her humans, and she doesn’t like to play or frolic. Bob is a little less fussed about sharing humans, but he likes to fight Sam for physical territory. He also likes to ambush/annoy her into paying attention to him, even if that attention means a pointy claw to the face.

They do, however, stick together at times of adversity. It’s pretty freaking cute when that happens.

A few months ago, when they were unceremoniously turfed out of the house into the condo function room while there was work being done...

A few months ago, when they were unceremoniously turfed out of the house into the condo function room while there was work being done…

As they both get older – Sam is around 9 years old, and Bob is 4 and a half or so – they’ve been a little more resigned to each others’ company. With any luck, one day they’ll realise they’re stuck with each other for the rest of their natural lives, and try to make the best of it.

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