Attempted Wardrobe Revamp

When I first started work in 2006 I had only a vague idea of what grown-ups wore to work, so I bought shirts with collars and Proper Skirts and Pants. It was nice to soon learn that PR agencies had a fairly smart-casual dress code: pedal pushers were fine when worn with smart shoes, and jersey tops were too if they looked smart and not t-shirty.

Ever since then I’ve been lucky to work in organisations where smart casual is par for the course, with minor variations on the acceptability of blue jeans which were permitted either on Fridays only, or every day. I’ve had to suit up on very few occasions in the past seven years, thank goodness. But even though I don’t haveΒ to dress dressily for work, I do love a good dress. It’s the quickest way to look smart, and also it’s awfully handy not to have to match separates when in a hurry.

Since I recently offloaded a bunch of slightly younger-looking dresses on a friend who’s entering the workforce soon, I took the opportunity to buy new ones. So this is my new interpretation of what grown-ups wear to work, this time at a media agency.

All from the Gap, and on sale to boot.

All from the Gap, and on sale to boot.

Oh, did I mention I’m trying to wear more colour, too?

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    • Germaine - March 11, 2013

      I love buying them on sale online! Fortunately, alterations are cheap here because returns would be mad expensive… the sizing is pretty inconsistent πŸ˜›

  1. lene* - March 11, 2013

    NICE! You bought all the designs??
    (How come cousin doesn’t get hand me downs anymore πŸ™ )

    • Germaine - March 11, 2013

      Yes I bought all those. And you do get hand me downs but you also return a lot of them, so the returns go to other people! πŸ˜›

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