The Spectacular Steak at Intrepid Gastrobar

Years ago, when I was an undergrad in Melbourne, I didn’t eat out very much. Mostly because restaurants in Australian cities tend to be pricey, and cooking was the more sensible option on a student budget. Even lattes were a bit of a stretch – I allowed myself no more than 1 or 2 each week.

Now that I’ve been working for just over 7 years I can buy myself a damn latte whenever I feel like it. Trouble is, I’m back in Singapore, where it’s hard to find a decent Melbourne-style coffee. So I’m quite happy to pay more for one when the opportunity presents itself, and that means I’ve been handing over $5.50 every other day to the good people at Intrepid Gastrobar (40 Pekin St #01-01, Far East Square). I swear I’m not a coffee snob. I’m just making up for lost time.

On one of my regular coffee runs, Rommel – who runs Intrepid – told me about their 200 day dry-aged Australian Angus rib-eye. I haven’t had a dry-aged steak since 2011 at Peter Luger’s in NYC so I was definitely up for it . Then I found out it was a sharing portion for four people and realised I had some planning to do…

And so it happened that on Friday evening, I went back to Intrepid with Bryan and Elaine in tow. As it turned out, the 1.3 kg bone-in portion was just right for the 3 of us – and it was AMAZEBALLS. It was seared to slight crispiness on the outside and perfectly medium-rare within, with a gorgeous flavour that I can only describe as creamy and meaty all at once. I think it’s a compliment to the meat and the chef that we ate mostly in silence, punctuated by happy noises.

Is this not BEAUTIFUL.

Is this not BEAUTIFUL.

While waiting for the beef, we had a starter of pork crackling. Think sio bak, but fried not grilled. It felt like a heart attack waiting to happen, but tasted heavenly. I have a bad feeling I’m going to start finding excuses to eat this for lunch.

It's pork, and it's deep-fried. Seriously, what's not to love.

It’s pork, and it’s deep-fried. Seriously, what’s not to love.

Stuffed as we were by the end of the meal, we still ordered a couple of desserts including a fusion-y rose-flavoured pavlova topped with cream, lychees, pomegranate seeds and pistachio crumbs. I love pavlova, it’s one of those desserts that’s pretty unique to the southern hemisphere so I order it whenever I get the chance. But I might be a bit of a purist because I still prefer it the traditional way with cream and berries.


And just because I loved that steak so damn much, here it is again with Bryan and Elaine included for scale.

Actually, these are the two worst people to include for scale. One is really tiny and the other is really big. It's still a cute photo, though.

Actually, these are the two worst people to use for scale because one is really tiny and the other is really big. You can still take reference from Elaine’s iPhone though.

(I am now giving myself a pat on the back for making it through this post without once caving to the temptation to use the word ‘epic’.) 

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