Adventures in Retail Rage

I wish department stores would realise how frustrating it is for customers when their salespeople lack basic communication skills.

I went to the TANGS cardmember sale yesterday to get a head start on Christmas shopping. The beauty hall was already chock-full of gift sets and stocking stuffers so I wandered quite happily from counter to counter, checking out the possibilities.

When any promoter asked if they could help, I said “I’m looking for a gift” and they’d point me to the gift sets with a brief explanation of what was available.¬†Until one counter, where my response elicited a look of confusion from the promoter: “You want free gift?”
No, I said. I’m looking for your festive sets, something I can buy as a present. That didn’t get us very far so I told her I would just look around myself.

Against the odds, I found a suitable gift set and hovered near the cashier point, where one other customer was finishing up the payment process. And then the same “free gift” promoter sidled up, grabbed my upper arm and said, “You go other counter pay?”
“NO!” I said, as the customer in front of me took her receipt and left. “I’m already waiting to make payment here!”

Upon which the promoter gave me another look of confusion. “… you want sit down?”



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