Musings at 29 Weeks

(Not my belly or my cat. Just thought it was apt.)

(Not my belly or my cat. Just thought it was apt here.)

– I remember when I used to walk, rather than waddle. It feels like a beautiful dream of long ago and faraway, along with the memory of wearing Nice Shoes. (To the contents of my shoe closet: I still love you. Stay strong, WAIT FOR ME. </3.)

– I was so excited when I started to feel the baby kicking two months ago. These days my response is more like OMG IT’S 5 AM YOU ARE NOT A PRO FOOTBALLER IN TRAINING KNOCK IT OFF MOMMY NEEDS ALL THE SLEEP SHE CAN GET BEFORE YOU’RE BORN.
… and then when she hasn’t kicked in a while, I worry why she’s being so quiet.

– Until very recently, when people asked how pregnancy was going, I’d reply: “Uneventful, but in a good way.” It’s now uneventful in an achy, uncomfortable and sleep-deprived way. (As much as people like to ask these questions, very few actually want to hear the answers, so I’ll probably stop at ‘uneventful’ the next time.)

– The swimming pool is my new favourite place to be. Not that I actually swim; I just love feeling weightless and not-overheated. Also, bless the inventor of the waterproof iPhone case.

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