My First Pilates Experience

I never thought I’d take up pilates, but I have a slightly dodgy lower back, which has been slowly but surely giving up on me throughout the course of being pregnant. I thought I could try to stretch it out at ‘body balance’ group class at my gym, then realised that my fumbling attempts to keep up with the yoga-inspired poses could be doing my back more harm than good…

So I signed up at Breathe Pilates instead. There’s a pre-natal pilates class, but for anyone who hasn’t done pilates before, they get you to start with some compulsory private sessions so that you can get used to the equipment and the techniques (including breathing, posture, and so on).

This can be a really intimidating sight. Just sayin'.

This can be a really intimidating sight. Just sayin’.

My first session lasted an hour and comprised a lot of stretching exercises within fairly small ranges of motion. Usually I’m not too enthusiastic about anything that I’m not very good at or that I don’t understand – and not only am I really bad at stretching (because I am very inflexible), I’d also be hard-pressed to explain what I did in that first session and what the specific benefits were. But whatever it was, it definitely did something for my back that I couldn’t achieve with cardio and weight training. For the first time in weeks, I slept like a baby, and woke up feeling almost hungover from the unusually superior quality and quantity of rest.

I doubt I’ll ever be a hardcore practitioner – I tend to think of most fitness-related pursuits as something I need to do, rather than something I like doing. But considering how good the first pilates session has been for my overall well-being, I think it’s definitely worth the investment so far, and can only continue be a good thing as I get heavier and clumsier…

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