Musings at 39 Weeks

– Every time I run down the battery on my iPad I worry that I’ll go into labour before it has time to charge fully again. So I plug it in to charge, and switch to reading on my Kindle instead. Then I get concerned that I’ll finish reading books I’ve downloaded and won’t have time to download new books in case I want to read in the hospital. Tablet devices = #firstworldpains.

– Hormones are making me irrational. First, I get sulky/sad that I’m stuck at home with nothing to do, since I’ve restricted my movements to places within an 8-minute drive, the majority of which are now closed for Chinese New Year. After that I feel guilty for not enjoying the time of rest and solitude, which I hear will be nigh impossible to come by once the baby shows up.

– Speaking of the baby showing up: I am so over being pregnant. Unfortunately, the husband is sick with something viral, and if I go into labour now he’s not going to be in any state to be of much use. Talk about a conflict of interest.

– For lack of anything else constructive to do I’ve been reading things like this blog post titled “Exit Care”, comprising a ‘glorious list on how to get your tender bits back in order’. So instead of merely feeling trepidation about the actual birth, I’m now completely terrified of its aftermath. Sometimes a little knowledge can be a terrible, terrible thing.

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