Parenthood, Week 4


Taken at Katy’s first month party at 10 Scotts, Grand Hyatt Singapore. “It’s my party and I’ll nap if I want to!”

My tiny newborn is a month old. How did that happen?!

The first two weeks passed in such a haze – I only realised Katy had nearly outgrown her newborn togs when a visiting friend observed that Katy’s feet were getting way too big for her little socks. Next to go were the onesies, which started out both too wide and long but soon became skin-tight and just the right length for her height. Then we broke out the digital weighing scale and did the old science experiment trick when the item baby can’t be weighed by herself: (1) carry baby, step on scale, (2) put baby down and step on scale again, (3) baby’s weight is the reading from (1) minus (2). In less than a month, she’s already gained 1.5 kilograms over her original birth weight – a 50% increase!

It’s fun seeing bits of personality develop in such a tiny person. Katy’s inability to tolerate even the slightest hunger comes from me, for sure. Same with her hatred of being dirty – no sitting in a poopy diaper for this one! When she’s awake, she craves company, despite our best efforts to get her to self-entertain. But hey, we can’t begrudge her our attention; she’s just a little baby after all. And so darn cute.

I’m sure the comparison’s been made before, but I think a career in client servicing is rather good preparation for the early weeks/months of parenthood. Your days and nights are plagued by stakeholder management, the client’s demands are expressed loudly and inarticulately, and managing expectations is an uphill task because said expectations change every other minute. Also, you can never fire the client.

People say the body gets used to the fatigue that comes with caring for a new baby. My body certainly hasn’t (yet?) and I partly blame the household setup that has me and James taking turns every night sleeping on the living room couch while Katy’s cot sits alongside. We’ll move to a bigger place in April, where Katy has her own room and we can be more comfy taking the night shifts. Fingers crossed, maybe by then she’ll sleep longer stretches too.


Happy first month, my little brown bear. You’re so damn cute.

(Post is a few days late because I came down with gastroenteritis. I blame the lowered immunity caused by aforementioned fatigue.)

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