Counting My Blessings

After a morning of fighting with product warranties, proofs of purchase and dingbat customer service staff, I have decided to stop feeling frustrated and start being grateful instead.

– For my daughter, who is amazingly cute even when she’s throwing the rare tantrum.


I cheated. This is anything but a tantrum-y picture. (It is, however, cute.)

– For my mother-in-law, who possesses what appears to be infinite patience and love when it comes to all of us and especially with Katy.

– For my dad, who so kindly gave up a morning of his time to put up a dozen pieces of art around my home.


As you can see, we haven’t got the lighting figured out yet. But framing and hanging them is a good start, especially when you consider that they’d previously been languishing about wrapped in plastic since 2010.

– And for my husband, who fully appreciates that this is all bloody hard work, and is accordingly appreciative.

Ok I’m done. And so is my bowl of instant Korean ramen.
Back to whipping the domestic sphere into some semblance of order.

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