Parenthood, Week 8


“My fingers. They have a flavour.”

Of all the milestones Katy will achieve in her life, I never expected her first cold to happen quite so soon. Cue the self-recrimination: did I keep her warm enough, did we take her out and about too often, should we have taken better precautions when her caregivers were unwell…

We’re lucky that Katy’s still been a very happy little person despite her obvious discomfort. She had some terrifically fussy days for sure, but you can’t keep a sunny disposition down with a little (okay – a lot of) snot. It was also nice that her sleep wasn’t too badly affected. And after a week of snuffling and coughing, her tiny nasal passages are finally clearing up, and hopefully she’ll be none the worse for having fought this illness with her own immune system and no drugs.

It’s been fun to realise that Katy is slowly showing us snippets of her personality. She can be very alert and curious; her eyes tend to lock on whoever’s talking, and follow them if they’re moving. And while she often wants to play – insofar as someone with limited motor control is able to play and be played with – there are times when she’s happy just to have one of us sit and chat with her.

Bizarrely enough, Katy seems to be a morning person. Since James and I categorically hate mornings it’s been both perplexing and adorable to start the day with a sunshine-y happy baby. It’s hard to stay grumpy at the cause of a lousy night’s sleep when she’s smiling and babbling cutely while you mainline the first of many units of caffeine… and even harder to leave the house when she’s in her spectacularly sweet morning mood.

It’s also been a revelation to start feeling like myself again. On some level you think everything changes, but then as the new normal sets in, you realise you’re still the same person – just with the addition of a very important small person to care for. I’ll be honest; I love Katy, but I never was much of a candidate for martyrdom upon the altar of parenthood. Which is why I’m so grateful for a baby who’s been very decent about chilling out when we bring her out and about to places we want to go, and family members who understand and look after Katy when I absent myself for an hour or two. Particularly so when I’ve been project managing our big move from our first apartment to (what I hope and expect to be) our final family home, and that’s not something easily attempted with a baby – much less an unwell one – constantly in tow. Knowing that Katy’s in good hands with her grandma makes it so much less stressful for me to zip around and get things done, or to spend half a day at the new place dealing with the last deliveries and workmen.


We briefly introduced Katy to her new bedroom this evening. She seemed cool with it. Whew.

While I sometimes can’t quite believe it’s been only two months since Katy entered our lives, I still do stop and remind myself that we’ve adjusted pretty damn well to the new reality in this period of time. Which is good, because with a baby, reality doesn’t stay still for long. And so we bumble along, and try to not screw things up too badly…


(We waited two whole months before even buying the manual, much less reading it. Oops?)

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  1. eatdrinkcooktravel - April 4, 2014

    Manual? Who reads manuals these days – isn’t it just press some random buttons till it works? Though I see how giving a few thumps to the back of a baby works only in very limited circumstances.

    Well done on making it this far. It gets even better as she gets older!

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