Parenthood, Weeks 10-11

Among my favourite pieces of useful parenting advice is this gem, shared by a few different friends: “Each time you think you’ve figured out a pattern, it’s going to change almost immediately.”


“Oh, did I mess with your head again? Oops.”

I thought we were so close to getting Katy’s feeds on a schedule of some sort. (HA!) The good news is that she’s still only waking up once a night for a bottle; the bad news is that her ‘night’ can start as early as 5.30 pm if she arbitrarily decides to forgo her post-bath bottle. And then she might want the next one anywhere between 5 and 7 hours into her night’s sleep. So unfortunately for me and James, we never know what time we’re going to have to wake up to feed her. C’est la vie (avec bébé)!

We’ve been having some fun with what James likes to refer to as the ‘ROI’. And yes, he means return on investment. For the first 2-ish months of Katy’s life, it’s been feed-diaper-fuss-sleep-rinse-repeat. I’ll be honest: it gets old pretty fast if there’s nothing to really look forward to. But then at some point this week, Katy started responding to us in a manner that seemed a lot less random. When I talk to her or make a funny face, she often smiles and babbles back almost as if on cue.

And because there are two sides to every coin, Katy’s also massively upped the ante in the tantrum department. Good grief. At least once a day, for no apparent reason, her face turns purple and she howls till her eyes and nose are leaking everywhere. This can go on from 30 minutes to an hour. It’s exhausting. And when it takes place in church, it’s also kind of embarrassing.


Taken at church literally 5 minutes before she went postal on us.

Katy used to always get calm and happy when loaded into her stroller for a walk, but she’s going through a phase of wanting to be upright so that she can see things. I bought a Manduca carrier which she really hated at first, mostly because I didn’t read the manual properly and stuffed her in wrong. Oops. Once we sorted out the kinks, she’s had many a fun excursion and comfy nap whilst strapped to my front. Most of the time Katy likes me to leave one side of the head support open so she can watch the world go by, but sooner or later she falls asleep anyway. I haven’t yet experienced a meltdown while she’s sitting in the carrier; I can’t imagine it would be any fun for either of us…


Actually, I suspect she’ll be much more comfy once she can reliably hold her head upright.

So yes. Just like there are days where we get two tantrums for every smile, this gig never seems to get easier without also becoming harder in some new, exciting and potentially exhausting way. Today was particularly trying so I’m not in any mood to spout platitudes about parenting being pure joy blah blah blah. In that department, I got nuthin’.

But I still love this little squeaky one to bits, and she’s lucky she’s so cute.




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