The New Place: The Living Room

Our new place doesn’t get quite as much natural light as the old one. This is a mixed blessing: we used to get so much sunlight that our curtains and other furnishings would fade within months. But it took quite some weeks for me to get used to how relatively dim my new surroundings felt.

We kept the living room colours light and neutral to make the best of the light we do get. This also makes the (already sizeable) space look even bigger.


Here’s what the living room looks like from the adjacent dining area. It was hard to colour-correct this satisfactorily, so just imagine that the leftmost wall is a cool grey, and the one on the right is a kind of taupe.


We had the couch custom-made to make the best of the substantial area. It’s been a big hit so far with people and cats alike.


This corner is Katy’s play area. The cupboard is meant for her future toys; right now she loves rolling around on the striped mat and in the Pack n Play.


And this is my crafting table. It’s not very big, but it’s a good enough size for me to comfortably use my sewing machine. (That handy power outlet was originally meant for a standing lamp.) I’m also thinking about staining that stool to match the table a little better.


Here’s the view of the dining room and front door from the living room, so you can see how the living room is sunken in. (Hi Bob!) We put up the bookshelf so that people wouldn’t fall off the edge of the dining room, and kept it see-through to let in as much light as possible. And I don’t really know how we’ll handle those steps when Katy is learning to crawl and walk.

Even though we didn’t exactly stick to the original plan – the playmat, Pack n Play and my crafting table were added only after we’d laid out everything else – I’m really happy with how this space turned out. When our friends come over, there’s enough room for a good number of them to spread out comfortably. The cats have plenty of spaces where they get to perch and hide as the mood strikes:  the cat basket, the back of the sofa and the little ledge under the windows, plus a couple of nooks in the TV console.

Most importantly, Katy has loads of room to roll around in right now, and when we no longer need the Pack n Play she’ll have even more floor area to mess around in. I also suspect that the living room will hold up well for when she’s old enough to have playdates…

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  1. Alli - June 10, 2014

    Yay house tour!! Love it! It looks like a treehouse–awesome.

    • Germaine - June 10, 2014

      Treehouse! I hadn’t seen it that way till now but you’re right.

      And I finally got my crafting corner yay. That table arrived just yesterday 🙂

  2. zoethemum - July 17, 2014

    Nice layout (blog!) I wish I was as disciplined and orderly in blogging as you are. My posts are just random and all over the place. At some point, I wanna organise it…then i give up because it’s too much work. *sheepish look*

    ANyway, I was trying to find an appropriate post to say this…that “pic of the moment”….that view that the cat is enjoying is Valley Park right? Is that where you guys are now?

    • Germaine - July 17, 2014

      Hi Zoe 🙂 yes we are at Valley Park.

      Maybe you could search for free WordPress themes that suit your blogging needs? I think it’s harder to customise the free blogs than the self-hosted ones, totally understand why you’d give up heheh.

  3. shyan - October 27, 2014

    Hi Germaine, I’ve been following your blog for sometime and was wondering if you don’t mind sharing where you got that lovely crafting table from? Many thanks!

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