Out and About: Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

The Singapore Garden Festival is running right now, and for the first time it’s being held at Gardens by the Bay instead of at Suntec. Tickets include entry to the fully-enclosed Flower Dome – an air-conditioned conservatory that mimics the Mediterranean climate – that hosted a fringe display, the Orchid Extravaganza. A minor detail, but one that proved very handy for me today.


Jun-ichi Inada’s Orchid Kaleidoscope, in the Flower Dome. (Photo: NParks‘ Facebook page)

I set out with Katy on a bright sunny afternoon, planning to hit up the Garden Festival with our friends Mich and Ben who’re visiting from New York. But it began to drizzle as we approached Marina Bay, and once we turned into the carpark at the Meadow, the rain was a full-on downpour. So we continued onward to the Flower Dome instead. I’m convinced that the two cooled conservatories were devised as a solution for garden visitors whose plans were thwarted by a tropical rain or two.

Katy used to be bothered by scents, so I cringed a little when we walked right into a floral fog. Fortunately, today’s outing seems to prove that she’s outgrown her issue with smells.

The Flower Dome is very stroller-accessible. The layout comprises lots of ramps, and there’s also an elevator for getting from ground level to the upper storey with the displays of succulents and baobabs. There was one garden on a lower level that was accessible by a short flight of 5 steps; I didn’t see a ramp, but I also wasn’t looking very closely since there was so much else.

What did we do there? Well, it’s the Flower Dome. So we saw flowers. Lots of flowers.
And we took photos. Lots of photos.

We took selfies.

We took selfies.

I made these guys pose for vaguely bridal-ish pictures.

I made these guys pose for vaguely bridal-ish pictures.


And of course, I had to ham it up with Katy.

We had a diaper situation midway through, and the closest handicapped-accessible toilet didn’t have a changing table. It did, however, have an irregularly-shaped bench which we used instead. Being quite narrow with no safety belts, it wasn’t the best solution – anyone passing by would’ve heard me yelling “NO, WE DO NOT FLIP OVER DURING DIAPER TIME!” – and it was in a rather dark corner of the toilet cubicle. But it served the purpose well enough. Also, I later discovered the properly-equipped changing station at the toilets near the exit. Oops.

Parking was ample given that it was a weekday afternoon, and the carparks are located a short walk away from the conservatories. The rain wasn’t too much of a problem; I had a huge golf umbrella and we weren’t in the wet for very long at all. (Katy also doesn’t mind being drizzled upon lightly.)

The rain stopped eventually, but not before we had a drink at Satay by the Bay to kill some time. We did make it to the Singapore Garden Festival eventually, so yay for that! No photos there, though, as I was all photo-ed out by then.

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