Things I’ve Eaten: GRUB Noodle Bar

I think I’ve found the perfect beef noodles.

Hello there. (Not pictured: the accompanying bowl of soup with beef slices.)

Hello there. (Not pictured: the accompanying bowl of soup with beef slices.)

It was Christmas Eve, and James and I were casting about trying to think of what to eat for a late dinner after the evening church service. Then it occurred to me that I’d recently kept seeing mentions of a late-night noodle restaurant on my Instagram feeds, so I looked it up and suggested we give GRUB Noodle Bar a try. Hot noodles on a cold rainy evening – what’s not to love?

We pulled up outside the restaurant along Rangoon Road, and being very typical Singaporeans where food is concerned, we were initially discouraged to see the place entirely empty. The manager laughed at our slightly confused expressions: “Oh, the last guest just left right before you arrived.” So we sat down and ordered two variations of their beef noodles: mine with rump meat, and James’ with Angus sirloin.

First, let me qualify that I judge my beef noodles by the soup. The gloppy, starchy gravy that usually accompanies ‘dry’ beef noodles doesn’t do a lot for me anymore. So imagine my happiness when the beef slices arrived in a huge, piping hot bowl of the best damn beef broth I’d tasted in a really long while. It was savoury, a little herb-y, and full of pure beef-y goodness.

The egg noodles, made in-house, came in a separate bowl. They were topped with MORE BEEF: beef meatballs, minced beef, and some stewed mushrooms. James and I decided that this dish was the extremely talented and high-performing offspring borne of a union between pho and bak chor mee:

We liked it so much that we went back a few days later with Katy and my parents. We all had the beef noodles, except Katy who had her baby pasta in tomato and carrot mush with a side of beef ribeye. She ate SO much beef. I really love that she’s so into carbs, beef and fruit. Heh.

Katy isn't one to be hindered by her lack of teeth, no sirree.

Katy isn’t one to be hindered by her lack of teeth, no sirree.

A week later, on yet another cool evening, James and I found ourselves back at GRUB Noodle Bar for the third time in 1.5 weeks. I’d felt ill and nauseous all day – stupid migraine – and once again, the beef noodles absolutely hit the spot. (No, it did not occur to me to try anything else on the menu…)

Speaking of the menu.

Speaking of the menu.

On all three occasions, I rolled out of GRUB Noodle Bar feeling like some balance had been restored to my system. That’s the mark of a good dish, I think: leaves you sated and happy, but keeps you going back for more.

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