Tokyo, Ginza: Teppanyaki Restaurant Yamato

We’re in Japan!

We took the red-eye last night – I was falling down dead all over Changi Airport T3, struggling to stay awake till our midnight flight – which was turned out not that restful since I only fell asleep when we were properly in the air at 1 am and was woken by turbulence and the breakfast service around 5. I think I caught maybe an hour’s worth of shut-eye after that, before we got into Narita a little past 8 am Japan time.

Our original plan to take the airport bus into town didn’t work out, so we took the airport express train and transferred at Tokyo station to hop the Marunouchi line just one stop to Ginza where we’re staying for the next few nights. Sleepy and slightly bedraggled, James and I were in no state to make creative choices, so after we stowed our luggage and had a brief amble to get our bearings, we opted for lunch at a place we remembered and liked from our last trip.

At Teppanyaki Restaurant Yamato, the lunch sets start at 2,160yen for a 150g steak with: a clear seaweed soup, a small salad, sauteed vegetables, rice/bread and tea/coffee. We were hungry so we went for a 3,500 yen option (about SGD38.50 at today’s exchange rate) that had a scallop and a small fillet of fish with a 130g steak.

Our meat and seafood: before. Upon realising that I was one of those tourists who wanted to take photos of all the food, our chef obligingly moved this platter closer to the window for better light.

My portion of scallop and salmon, swimming in a savoury butter-sauce. So fresh. So tasty.

And again, from a different angle. For funsies.

The menu said bread OR rice, but they gave us both. I was very glad because the bread soaked up the remains of the butter sauce so nicely.

While we ate our seafood course, our chef went to cook for the table next to ours. Here is our steak, waiting patiently.

It doesn’t look like very much steak once it’s diced and sautéed, so in hindsight it was probably a good thing we had the scallops and fish too. (Wait, what am I saying. That stuff was so tasty, of COURSE it’s a good thing we had them.)

On our last trip I was really haphazard about noting down the places we liked, so this is (the start of) my attempt to do better this time.

Eating in Japan is just so amazing that I can say without any shame that this trip is primarily about the food. It is such a cultural experience to eat here: besides the awesomeness of the food quality, preparation and presentation, the people who cook it and serve it take so much pride in the process. For e.g.: James bought a fruit tart from the basement food hall of Mitsukoshi Ginza after dinner, and it was lovingly packaged to within an inch of its life, including not one but TWO mini-packs of dry ice. Impressive and also a little frustrating for the eager eater.

Also, I’m hoping to keep this food+travel log in real-time, because once we get home I simply will not have time to get organised. Wish me luck.

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  1. Andrea - May 25, 2015

    DIdnt know that you still blog too!
    If you can, visit Gen Yamamoto –
    And if you need more food places suggestions –

    • Germaine - May 25, 2015

      Thanks! We’re only here till Wednesday though and tomorrow’s meal plans have been made! But we had a snack at Gontran Cherrier earlier today and it was SO good.

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