Tokyo, Omotesando: 丸角

Just a quick observation about the random lunch we ate in Omotesando.

We stopped at the Gyre building which is known for its famous tenants like the MoMA Store and Ukai-Tei, a high-end restaurant. The place we picked was called 丸角, it had a simple menu featuring four lunch sets and had two front-of-house staff running the place. Very unassuming.

The tempura itself won’t be the finest we’ll ever have had in this country – more on that in a couple of days – but it was considerably better than any tempura I’ve had in Singapore. And the random sides were surprisingly delicious, even the paste-like tuna tartare that didn’t look great but which I polished off very happily once I had the first taste.

There were two sets at 800 yen each, and two 1,800 yen options. This was one of the latter options, but Omotesando’s a pricey neighbourhood so I considered this pretty good value. Also, I doubt I’ll be able to find a $20 Japanese meal back home that I’m this happy with.

It’s random experiences like these that have me truly convinced that it’s impossible to eat bad food in Japan.

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