Tokyo, Tsukiji Market: Ichiba Sushi 市場すし

Apparently the done thing when you pilgrimage to Tsukiji Market for lunch is to line up for hours for a meal at Sushi Dai. I do not line up for hours for anything (unless you count the hello kitty related follies of my wasted youth) so our favourite sushi joint is Ichiba Sushi: the prices are higher but the wait is much shorter. And the sushi is amazingly fresh and tasty.

My, what beautiful slabs of raw tuna you have.

James looks very pleased with his lunch. Rightly so!

My sushi set was served a few pieces at a time, so I don’t have a picture of the entire set. Here’s Part 1.

Part 2 of my sushi set. I really wanted more of that ikura…

And the last few straggling pieces of maki. Tuna on the left, diced scallop on the right.

The two chefs were a class act. They were in perpetual motion throughout the entire lunch service: taking orders, crafting sushi, serving sushi…

And while 3000yen for a sushi meal is far from the cheapest you’ll get in Tokyo, the quality and freshness of the fish make it very worthwhile.

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