Shopping for Toddler (and Mom) Stuff:

Some say that you buy less stuff for your baby as he/she grows older. Some disagree, in that a growing toddler needs far fewer specialised items than babies do for feeding, cleaning etc. I for one maintain an uneasy tension between the two extremes.

Like any good Singaporean office denizen, I relieve stress by window shopping online. Often there is simply no “window” about it. And it’s all too easy to address both mummy guilt and shopping guilt by… shopping for Katy. In the past month she’s acquired a new kid-sized workstation (thanks Taobao), a handful of new activity books (thanks Amazon), and a few more new outfits than she needs (thanks Tea Collection).

Those are clearly just frivolities. There is also that grey area of “useful things which I could do without, but won’t”. For those, my favourite online store is still Agape Babies, which I’ve blogged about before in the context of baby-specific items. These are some of the items in recent purchases.

1. California Baby Calendula Cream


I love this stuff. I’m glad that Katy doesn’t have any skin conditions, but she does scratch herself an awful lot when she’s warm or when a clothing tag annoys her. And then she scratches some more when the scratch marks start to scab. I rub calendula cream all over her after each nighttime bath and it helps speed up the healing of cuts, scratches and the odd mosquito bite. We don’t go through a lot at a time, so a pack of 3 tubes lasts for quite a few months.

2. aden + anais Bamboo Dream Blanket


I bought this just before we went on our Japan trip earlier this year. We had a PeaPod Plus sleep tent for Katy to sleep in, and needed a lightweight blanket to chuck inside for Katy to snuggle into. She’s too tall for her old swaddles to work as blankets anymore, so this was pretty much perfect for travel: both lightweight and comfortable. It’s super snuggly and we also use it for naptimes.

3. Assorted Ju-Ju-Be bags and pouches

It’s embarrassing, but I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is this diaper bag brand. (Even though Katy doesn’t actually warrant an actual diaper bag anymore, most days we just need a small tote/backpack with a couple of diapers, some snacks and her activity pack.) I first got to know of the brand when Katy was very little – I’ve been a Tokidoki fan since 2008 or so, and my first Ju-Ju-Be item was a Fuel Cell bottle holder in Unikiki print – but I didn’t realise how popular they were till the last year or so when more local stores began carrying them. Ju-Ju-Be bags are so lightweight and washable that I’ve even started using the Be Set pouches to organise my own handbag items. Besides the ones for my own use, I’ve also hit up Agape Babies for JJB bags as gifts for friends, and so far they’ve really liked them too.

Agape Babies’ website recently got a revamp, and all the current specials are listed on the front page. Some might find it a lot of info to take in but if – like me – you’re used to the info-overload user interface of Taobao and Qoo10, this is a huge visual improvement. The mobile web interface is much better than most too: it feels very much like an app and makes it (too) easy to shop on the go.

The team at Agape Babies kindly gave me a discount code to share: use germs5% to get 5% off on their site from now to 12 Oct 2016. Heads up that the discount excludes milk, diapers, wipes, Medela breastpumps, JuJuBe, sale and clearance categories.

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