An Ordinary Saturday

Every night, at the same part of Katy’s bedtime routine, she asks if we can have a minute. This is her way of asking for some free-form time between her Bible story and her bedtime prayer. Usually she talks about whatever comes to her mind, and sometimes she just wants to roll around and be silly.

This evening she said, “Can we talk about our nice day today?”

So we talked about what we did together. Nothing we did was particularly special – Katy went to ballet class in the morning, we had lunch at Marina Square where we ambled around before heading home for naptime.
We wanted to go for a bike ride but it rained, so instead we drove to Star Vista. Katy shared a Zoomoov ride with James before dinner and another one after. There was a band playing pop ballads at the mall amphitheatre so we enjoyed some live music before we went home. And that was it.

It was, however, a very nice day on the whole. We all felt it.
My family really does make the ordinary extraordinary.

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