What’s with the URL?

My name is Germaine. I go by Germs to my friends. I wanted ger.ms but that was taken, so I compromised with two Ms.

What’s this blog about? I don’t understand what you mean by “all the world just stopped now”.

I named this blog after the first line of a Tori Amos song, ‘Tear In Your Hand’. I used to enjoy journalling and writing in general, partly for the joy of writing and partly because it’s a great feeling to look back upon moments in time written down by my younger self. I haven’t done that very much in the past few years and I think it’s time to start again.

That’s why I’m not committed to writing about any particular topic. Each post is just my effort to stop my world for a minute, write down what it looks like, then move right along again.

And who are you anyway?

30-something closet introvert. Slave to two cats, works with words and the interwebz, happily married to an immensely long-suffering man. Mother to a very demanding, very adorable small person. Likes good food and drink. Possible shopaholic.

You can read the blog to find out the rest.
If you need to reach me for any reason, email me: germaine.ong AT gmail.com .

I should also state at this point that all opinions stated here are my own, and do not represent those of any organisation I happen to be affiliated with.

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