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Our First Visit to the Children’s Emergency Room

Our First Visit to the Children’s Emergency Room

I woke up feeling uncommonly good today. I guess I should have recognised it as a kind of foreshadowing. As per my standard weekday operating procedure, I stumble-tripped into the kitchen for my bowl of cereal, and came face-to-face with my…

(You Had To Be There.)

(You Had To Be There.)

Katy was having a grouchy evening, so James decided he’d try to amuse her by juggling three of her bath toys. It worked – she cackled with glee when he juggled them, and cackled harder when he lost control of…

The One Where My Grandma Tells A War Story

My 88-year-old Popo, my maternal grandma, has a lot of great stories to tell. She doesn’t come up with them on demand, though. You have to ride her train of thought long enough until she lights upon a good one…

The line to enter the gym was getting held up. A guy was there with his non-member friend, and the girl at the front desk didn’t seem to know how to explain to him that his membership type didn’t allow him to sign in a friend on weekends. Since I was getting late for my training session, I decided to expedite it since I had the right membership.

Me: I’ll sign in his friend.

Guys: Omg thank you SO MUCH.

Front desk: But miss, you can only sign in one person.

Me: That’s right, so I’ll sign in his friend for him.

Front desk: You cannot. There are two of them.

Me: And one of them is a member, right? So if I sign in the other guy, they can both enter.

Front desk: *light begins to dawn. slowly.* I think so…

Me: … I’ll come back and fill up the sign-in sheet when I’m done working out.

I’m sorry to say it, but I suspect she was still puzzling it out in her head as she handed me two locker keys and no towels.

- It’s not rocket science. Just math. -
My Unscheduled Stay In Hospital

My Unscheduled Stay In Hospital

This is the story of how I do not have appendicitis. Thursday: Around late morning, I started feeling a strange sensation in my abdomen, as though there were something pushing inwards from the waistband of my pants. It got worse…