“You have a child, you know”

There is a woman in her 50s whom I see at an exercise class every week. I don’t know her well. We just work out together. She sometimes asks me random questions as we’re leaving class, and this week in…

Some Thoughts on Little India

Just as I was about to turn in last night, my Facebook and Twitter feeds began exploding with news of the riot in Little India. I spent a lot of time in the Race Course Road area as a teenager….

Adventures in Retail Rage

Adventures in Retail Rage

I wish department stores would realise how frustrating it is for customers when their salespeople lack basic communication skills. I went to the TANGS cardmember sale yesterday to get a head start on Christmas shopping. The beauty hall was already…

About My Inner Introvert

I once read these 10 Myths About Introverts and felt extremely validated by all the points on the list. Most people around me don’t like to believe I’m an introvert. According to my husband the former psychologist, I’m a functional…